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Pretoria Home for people with disabilities: housing for Pretoria persons with mental disabilities - phone number of Phyllis Robertson Home for adults with mental disability; map to Phyllis Robertson Home.


We look forward to hearing from you, whether you need a safe, caring home for your loved disabled family member, or whether you'd like to get involved and support us to care for these special needs people with heart-felt passion.

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Difficult for outsiders to understand, but is is possible to be a happy disabled adult in Pretoria at the Phyllis Robertson Home.
PRH offers specialised disabled care with 24/7 care givers and nursing staff on hand.
Phyllis Robertson Home offers integration, enrichment and stimulation on various levels.  The disabled adults go on carefully monitored outings in public.


Whether we can accept your application for residency at Phyllis Robertson Home depends on space being available, the stability of the applicant's condition and the level of care required, as well as the guardian's ability to afford the residency fees. Please note that in addition to full-time residence, we also offer day care and respite care facilities.

A formal application process ensures fair treatment of all applicants. In all instances, the application process starts with perusing our Application Prospectus and arranging a tour of our facilities, after which the application form, medical questionnaire and affordability assessment need to be completed fully.

A happy, integrated life may be awaiting your disabled loved one - why not check it out?

"My daughter has been a resident of Phyllis Robertson Home for more than 10 years. As an intellectually challenged young lady with severe epilepsy and a fair amount of stubbornness, she has a healthy disrespect for rules and social norms resulting in her being expelled from a few similar homes previously. She has a tendency to obsess about her own perceived needs to the detriment of everyone else around her. This was the first home where she was truly happy and fitted in.

The personnel treat her with the correct mix of empathy and discipline and exceed our expectations as far as patience is concerned. Her prescription medication is dispensed correctly and at the right time and her hypochondria is expertly managed to avoid unnecessary medication and medical appointments. This gives us complete peace of mind. I would just like to thank the management and the very patient staff for their dedication and excellent care of my daughter and others." - Cliff Hewitt