Pretoria Home for people with physical disabilities / psychological disabilities / mental disabilities: care & housing for people with disabilities. Disabled Adults find dignity and community here at our facility for the disabled, previous known as a cripple care home


This professionally run care facility for adults with disabilities is nestled in a tranquil garden setting in Pretoria - home to disabled people who find dignity and community in the hands and hearts of dedicated staff.

We accommodate up to 64 adults with a wide range of disabilities that require standard, supervisory, full or dependent care. Since 1961 our facilities have enabled the provision of meals, laundry, psychosocial support, basic medical care and social stimulation on a 365 days a year basis.

Disabled Care Services Offered

We are a custodial facility with nursing staff offering full-time care for adults (over 16) with disabilities, but not frail or acute care.

We need Generosity & Volunteers

As a privately funded NPO, we receive no subsidies and rely fully on residence fees, donations, fundraising, volunteers & charity.

About Us: Holistic Devotion

The management committee are elected members (residents' relations), hence a vested interest in sound governance & optimal resource use.

"Phyllis Robertson is more than just a home for the adult disabled, it is THEIR HOME. When my child visits for a weekend, he tells us by Saturday that it's a nice visit, but he'd like to go home now - this speaks volumes! Staff become family, and family aren't kicked out when things go bad, the necessary help is arranged and they know their room is waiting for them when they are better. I'll never forget when we were far away on holiday while it was not going well at all for our child, we were told: 'You can do nothing now, please allow us to carry this burden for you. That's what we're here for.' That sums it up! Phyllis Robertson Home staff work unbelievably hard; I have so much respect for you." - Karen Klopper