Learn About Us - Phyllis Robertson Home in Pretoria where elected relations of the residents manage the limited resources carefully to the benefit of their loved ones.


Since 1961 this non profit organisation (NPO registration 012-678) in Pretoria has provided full-time care for adults with various disabilities (physical, mental, psychological) and the Phyllis Robertson Home currently can accommodate up to 64 disabled residents.

What makes us special is that the professional management team is elected primarily from the pool of relatives of the residents, based on their education, skill and experience - this means that resources are used optimally and according to sound governance principles, to the benefit of our loved ones.


The Phyllis Robertson Home was built on land donated by the State in 1960. The organisation initially operated under the auspices of Northern Transvaal Cripple Care which later became APD (the Association for People with Disabilities). Ms. Phyllis Robertson donated some funds and the rest of the required money was borrowed from the the Pretoria Municipality to build the current facility. The doors to the present location were officially opened on 14 October 1961 by the former State President C.R. Swart.

An unbundling took place where APD became SPD (Services to People with Disabilities) on 1 April 1999, and the Phyllis Robertson Home became a separate, independent organisation. The Constitution was signed and approved on 26 July 2000. Since then, the Constitution was translated into English and approved by the Management Committee at the 2011 Annual General Meeting whereafter it was submitted to the NPO Office for adoption.

The current management committee is made up of persons related to residents of the home and other professionals selected by the families of residents, all with a special interest in disabilities and a vested interest in the Phyllis Robertson Home for the Disabled.


The mission of the Phyllis Robertson Home is to make a difference in the lives of adults with disabilities and that of their families by keeping our vulnerable residents safe and happy and by providing the best possible care and facilities.

Aiming to provide a primary home for the residents, many of whom have no family close to the facilities, our experienced staff provide the dedicated care and support required and even serve as a family for the residents. The Home houses 64 adult persons with disabilities, which varies from mentally disabled to physically disabled persons (wheel chair users). We provide a home to persons of all gender, race and social backgrounds.

If you consider that some residents are incontinent, others cannot feed themselves, some can be difficult - the staff of PRH are angels!
The operational management of PRH is well handled by a professional GM, Nursing Manager and Matron
Phyllis Robertson Home staff members work well together and operate like a large family.


Phyllis Robertson Home is run by a management committee that consists of parents, siblings and close relatives of our residents and they are selected by the families every 2 years. A number of experienced professionals on this management council ensure that we do the right things and we do them right.

Operational management is handled by the 3 skilled operational managers:

  • Jady Hewitt – General Manager. 40+ years' experience in financial, operational and general manager in various industries. Mother of a disabled resident. Overall responsibility for sustainability and effective operation of the organisation.
  • Suzette van Rooyen – Professional Nurse in Charge. With 35+ years' experience in nursing and nursing management. Responsible for all things medical, nursing, daily care plans and medication control.
  • Benitha Mӧller – Matron (the quintessential mother figure for residents). 35+ years' experience in various positions including at other care facilities, nursery schools and guest houses. Responsible for hygiene, cleanliness, food services and laundry as well as dealing with residents' mood swings, mischief, and mayhem.

The exco or management committee of PRH is well handled by ethical professional.

The Exco or Management Committee of PRH consists of these elected members (in order of appearance on photo):

  • Hein Venter – Chairperson. Microbiologist in technical marketing. Brother-in-law of a former resident.
  • Michaela Bahne Oberholzer – Treasurer. Business accountant running her own accounting practice. Sister-in-law of a former resident.
  • André du Preez – Vice Chairperson. Senior SANDF officer. Brother of a resident.
  • Ella Ferreira – Retired graphic designer and mother of a resident.
  • Petro Erasmus – Entrepreneur and mother of a resident.

The management team is supported by a permanent staff of 46 - the most dedicated and caring group of people you can imagine - comprising drivers, care-givers, kitchen staff, housekeepers, maintenance staff, a gardener and a security officer. Four nurses are on rotational duty 24 hours per day to ensure continuity and ethical care. Our laundry where one metric ton of washing is cleaned every week, is staffed by handicapped ladies.

We feel more like a large family than simply colleagues, and this helps us achieve our goal of holistically caring for our residents.

"After endless prayers and researching available and suitable homes, we cannot thank the Lord enough that our son, Gerhard Roos, was accepted at Phyllis Robertson Home for adults with disabilities in Pretoria. From the first day that we visited the Home, I felt peace in my heart and just knew this was the right place for Gerhard (his little place in the sun). Everything is well equipped and the staff are very friendly, helpful and fantastic with their treatment of the residents. The premises, gardens and rooms are neat and the food superb. We pray and trust that Gerhard will be happy there for many more years. May Phyllis Robertson Home function with inspired strength and the Lord bless every staff member with love, patience, dedication and acceptance. With sincere thanks to every person helping to make the Home such a wonderful place where Gerhard can be part of a large family." - Renette Roos